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Welcome to Auramed!

As an innovative company for medical technology we are specialised in biofeedback diagnosis systems and treatment concepts for professional application in the fields of holistic therapy, sports and fitness and cosmetics and wellness.

Our products are developed, manufactured and distributed worldwide as per high German standard.

Due to intensive information interchange with our customers we are able to optimise and develop our products regularly and to adapt them to market requirements and customer needs.
Because of the conception of our products we are able to offer specific solutions for individual practice requirements.

The foundation for the highly sensitive biofeedback systems and treatment concepts is our experience for more than 25 years of empirical research in the field of biofeedback measuring, aura analysis, holistic life counselling and energy field harmonisation through colour light treatment.

The biofeedback devices named by the trademark Biopulsar-Reflexograph® meet the essential safety requirements of the EU directives and are CE certified.

At our location in Weil am Rhein, Germany – next to the Swiss and French border – we have an international training centre, where we offer seminaries for our products in different languages.