Reflex Zone Biofeedback Sensors

With respect to hardware (sensors) and software the Biopulsar-Reflexograph biofeedback systems are built up in modules and can be arranged according to your individual requirements.

biofeedback sensorsAll biofeedback sensors are delivered in an attractive Auramed suitcase with a fitting foam inlay,  the corresponding software package (CDs), an electrode gel, a technical manual, a booklet for the interpretation of the measuring data and a mousepad with detailed description of the measured reflex zones.

We offer biofeedback sensors with various specifications:

  • 3-Hand Sensors (with 3 hands in different sizes)
  • 2-Hand Sensors (with 2 hands in different sizes)
  • 1-Hand Sensors

A PC / notebook with the operating system Windows™ 7 – 10, a printer as well as at least one Analysis Software Module are obligatory. A digital camera is optional. Please note, that the Biopulsar system is not suitable for Windows™ 11.

3-Hand Sensor

 Article-No. A1200
Biopulsar-Reflexograph® 3-Hand SensorBiofeedback 3-Hand Sensor

Housing white, gold/gold or coloured/chrome for the left hand
Hand sizes P1, P3, P5
The sensor consists of 3 different sized templates for the reflex zone measuring of the left hand (palm template for a child, woman and man).

2-Hand Sensor

Article-No. A1150Biofeedback 2-Hand Sensor Favorit
Biopulsar-Reflexograph® Favorit

Housing white, gold/gold for the left hand
Hand sizes P3 and P5

1-Hand Sensor

Biofeedback 1-Hand SensorArticle-No. A1010
Biopulsar-Reflexograph® SR5

Housing white, gold/gold for the right hand
Hand size P3  (hand of a woman)

What do you need in order to work with a Biopulsar sensor?

The Biopulsar sensor can only be operated with a PC/Notebook with a Windows™  7 – 10 operating system and at least one Analysis Software.

We offer the following Analysis Software Modules:


Furthermore we offer the following Assistant Software as additional module for the Analysis Software “Aura”:

Great Holistic Therapy Assistant
Chromalive® Software for Colour Light Therapy
Aurascope  Software for the interpretation of aura colours
PhysioFit  Software physio therapy and fitness training
Personal Trainer Software for measuring based training guidelines

What are the advantages of this measuring method?

Each biomedical sensor is an interface for electrodermal measurings. Every 500 milliseconds (ms) a biofeedback measuring is done by each electrode of the  43 reflex zones and transfers the data to the PC. This time factor corresponds to the synaptical real time.

The biomedical measuring electrodes are situated on the reflex zones of the hand and are adopted to its anatomy. The premium 24-carat gold plating offers an excellent optical appearance and provides an optimal energy circuit.

The measuring data is transferred to the PC via an USB cable. This guarantees that the

  • the data transfer is absolute precise and trouble-free
  • it causes no electrosmog.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® Sensors need no electricity nor battery. The energy supply is given by the PC or notebook.

The hand-over-hand measuring method ensures that the counsellor/therapist does not have to touch the client and therefore does not influence the measuring results.

By laying one hand above the other the measured hand cannot shift and an even pressure is ensured.