Assistant Software

Holistic Therapy Assistant

The Holistic Therapy Assistant is only available in combination with the aura software (module 2).

This software gives you a support in finding the right naturopathic therapy in an easy and fast way. The descriptions are concise and structured with vivid 3-D graphics and animations.

This module offers many different naturopathic therapy proposals for every organ zone that have been worked out and verified by German naturopaths.

  • Instruction for a Biopulsar diagnosisholistic
  • General organ and disease descriptions with
    • Organ description
    • Organ function
    • Disease patterns and
    • Diagnosis proposal
  • Meridian teachings and TCM therapy with
    • General informations
    • Meridian time
    • Meridian animation
    • Meridian function
    • Leading symptoms
    • TCM diagnosis
    • Weakening factors
    • Syndrome diagnosis
  • Reflectory references
    • Teeth
    • Spine
  • Organ language with affirmationsholistic dentistry
  • Phyto-therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Schüssler Salts
  • Pharmaceutical preparations (naturopathic)
  • Flower therapy
    • Bach Flowers and
    • Flower essences
  • Nutritional therapy
    • General
    • As per Ayurveda
    • As per TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)
  • Other therapies
  • Addresses