Assistant Software

Personal Trainer – Physio & Fitness

The Personal Trainer Software is only available in combination with the Aura and the PhysioFit software.

The software supports you in creating an effective and individual fitness training programme.

The clearly arranged text printout (approx. 16 pages) includes:

  • An aura picture
  • A display of the organ energy colours corresponding to the data measured beforehand
  • Detailled description for the realization of a measuring based Biopulsar training
  • A vitality scale for 43 organ zones
  • A recommended training intensity (in percent) for 43 organ zones
  • Individual exercises for power training on gym equipment, flexibility training and switch-on zones corresponding to the measuring results of 43 organ zones
  • The first and the family name of the client can be inserted into the introduction of the text for a more individualised interpretation.

personal trainer