Assistant Software

PhysioFit – Physio & Fitness

The PhysioFit Software is only available in combination with the Aura software
(module 2).

It supports you in creating an effective and individual fitness training programme.

It offers the following functions:


  • General information
    • Organ description
    • Organ function
    • Possible dysfunctions
  • Organ language
    • Mentale background
    • Common expressions
    • Effects of the organ energy
  • Information (with animations) concerning meridians and their energetic system (as to TCM) related to the individual muscles
  • Switch-on zones: Information concerning muscle activating zones with references to the supporting therapy with essential oils
  • Power workout: Summary of the different gym equipment workouts with references to the different organs
  • Flexibility training: Summary of the different flexibility exercises with references to the different organs
  • Training instruction with general information and procedures of a Biopulsar based training
    • Counselling and performance of the training
    • Biofeedback analysis
    • Professional training