Chromalive Colour Light Treatment

Light and Colours Are Very Important for the Preservation of Health in Human Beings As Well As Animals!

The History of Colour Light Therapy Research

Throughout history man has used the sun´s energy as medicine. People used to bring sick persons out into the sun in order to improve their health. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese all used colour therapy, although they used different methods of application of the colour energy. The basis for the scientific explanation of colour therapy came from Sir Isaac Newton with the discovery of the spectrum analysis. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe examined the effect of colours on the human psyche and proved the close connection between colours and feelings.
In 1903, Professor Niels Finsen received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research in the area of colour therapy. Finsen proved that colours are independent energies and that specific colour vibrations cause different reactions in the human body and the psyche.
In 1933, Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali wrote about his findings and medical research on the application of colours in the Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia. Since than more than 6,000 cases of colour healing have been documented in American clinical trials.
Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali created combinations of colour light treatments for a variety of conditions, such as burns, fractures, asthma, neurodermatitis, diabetes and psychic disturbances, etc.
Many authors continue to cite his research data and many practitioners refer to it. Ghadiali greatly valued having an aura diagnosis before treatment, which he determined through the use of various instruments and methods that he developed.

The Healing Power of Light

The Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Finsen used colour light to heal a variety of dermal and infectious diseases. In traditional medicine, infrared and blue light are also used frequently to treat different ailments.
In modern clinics blue light is often used for the treatment of icterus, which is a common disorder in babies. Dentists use blue light for pain relief and prevention of infections. Even the flight industry recommends the use of green light to calm anxious and nervous persons and to increase endurance and energy.

Treatment of Reflex Zones and Meridians with Colour Light

It is known that the stimulation of reflex zones, acupuncture points and meridians has a direct influence and harmonising effect on organ functions and the psyche.

Colour Light Treatment in Wellness and Cosmetics

Colour light therapy is an effective and natural method of treatment with no side effects. It has been used in the field of wellness and cosmetics for a long time. Colour is the easiest way to activate the body, mind and soul.

The Energy Field

Every living creature has a subtle energetic field, called the aura. The clairvoyant person can perceive this changing colour spectrum around the body of a person, an animal or a plant. With the help of specific devices, such as the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® biofeedback system, the aura of a person can even be measured.
Each aura colour has a specific significance in relation to the vitality of the person’s organs, feelings, thoughts and consciousness. The aura colours deliver information concerning harmonious and disharmonious spots in the energetic field.
Through a colour light treatment on specific skin areas the aura can be reharmonised and well-being and vitality can be restored.