Aura Analysis & Chromalive® Software

The Chromalive Concept : Prior to the determination of which exact Chromalive® harmonising colour to use for the treatment of an organ, an energy field measurement is made with the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® biofeedback system. The energetic state of 43 different organ reflex zones of the hand are displayed as dynamic aura colours and biofeedback graphs on the screen.
The Chromalive® software offers detailed instruction, including text and pictures, for a colour light treatment of the reflex zones of the hands and face using the individually determined harmonising colours.
Furthermore, this software offers various information concerning the respective organ functions, the psychologic organ language and positive affirmations.

This software is only available in combination with the Aura software module 2 and supports your work with the Chromalive® Penlight.

Table of contents:

  • General organ information
  • Description of the hand zones
  • Energy quality of the determined colours
  • Physical and psychical effects of colours
  • Instruction for a colour light treatment of the face and the reflex zones of the hands
  • Psychological organ language
  • Positive thoughts – affirmations

Chromalive Concept